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Intimate Questions For Couples

Hi, I am Michael Webb.
Communication is the key to any relationship, and if you do not do this correctly there will be arguments and misunderstandings between you and your partner because you do not understand each other. Communication affects every part of the relationship even your sex life. It is a good idea for both partners to talk openly about your deepest emotions and desires even if it is hard to do so. It is important to talk about your everyday things that go on, your emotions and the hardest one of all your relationship and intimacy.
Especially men, do not like to talk about this because they don’t want to be exposed in a way that they feel inferior or not good enough because no matter how bad a man is in bed he always thinks he is a machine and the best lover any woman has ever had!
So instead of trying to get the info out of him/her, at the wrong time, it is a really a good idea to hide behind questions.
You can think of questions yourself but they might be too specific to your partner which will turn them against the idea. I have come up with 500 questions to ask your partner that flow in stages and are more generalized in nature.
You and your partner can ask these questions at your own pace and in the right emotional setting. The questions are subtle and not in your face type of questions. They are designed so both partners can learn about each other’s innermost emotions and desires.
I have put the questions into 5 different sections that build upon each other so that you can go as deep as both of you feel comfortable, keeping the later questions for the correct time.
If you really want to get to know your partner better and on a deeper level, no matter how long you have been in a relationship for. We must admit there are always things we don’t know about our partner that we want to know, and these “Intimate Questions For Couples” really helps to bring a lot of things to the surface that will make both of your lives better and more interesting.