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Beginners Guide To Riding A Horse

A Beginners Guide To Riding A Horse

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of what YOU’LL learn from my Horse Lessons:

  • How to discipline your Horse the right way.
  • Gripping the horse’s mane. Should you? We’ll tell you.
  • How to instantly recognize an outgoing friendly horse
  • Understand how a horse thinks and sees. Very important for your safety!
  • The earliest horses and how they have changed
  • What are the easiest ways to mount and dismount a horse?
  • A comparison of horse riding styles; English or Western. Which one is best for you?
  • Which saddle might be best for you?
  • Horse riding for people with special needs
  • Controlling a horse is much easier once you have asserted yourself and gained the horse’s trust. We will show you how it’s done!
  • How to read a horse’s body language and know EXACTLY what it means when horseback riding
  • If you have children why not get them involved. It can be fun for them too.
  • The horse’s ears and how it holds the key to how they are feeling
  • What to expect on your second horseback ride, and your third and fourth
  • What is a Bay horse? We’ll tell ya
  • The joys of horseback riding in a complicated world filled with clutter.
  • Have to approach a horse from behind? We’ll teach you the right way.
  • A history of horses and horseback riding that will prepare you for your new adventure.
  • How to get your horse to start walking, and how most beginners get this wrong!
  • How tight should you hold the reins? We’ll tell you.
  • The best way to approach a horse to help gain its trust in you.
  • How to get your horse to stop instantly
  • A Beginners Guide To Riding A Horse