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Advice On How To Care For Your Bearded Dragon

Over my 10 years of rearing bearded dragons, I have worked out a series of shortcuts and tricks you can use in order to save yourself some serious money… but still provide your bearded dragon with a top-rate, comfortable environment!

That’s because after reading what I have to say about caring for bearded dragons… You NEVER have to pay full price for bearded dragon pet food.

1 The secret additional step to trimming your bearded dragon’s nails, to ensure a relaxed bearded dragon instead of an agitated one.

2 Another technique to get your bearded dragon to move around by building an item that costs less than $5 from your local hardware store.

3 The right way to clean the cage of your bearded dragon to make sure that no parts are missed out.

4 What is the proper temperature for the “Bathwater” of your bearded dragon and what soap to use when cleaning it?

5 One kind of “Junk food” you should avoid giving your bearded dragon unless it is sick or unwell… although it may seem that your bearded dragon is enjoying it!

6 What you should do before feeding your bearded dragon with prepared commercial food even if it means ignoring the packaging… How to deal with a bearded dragon that is a picky, fussy eater using this trick.

7 A secret technique you can use to persuade your female bearded dragon to use your nesting box as her nesting place.

All the tips, tricks, and techniques that I use are not just based on theory.

My manual is specially written for the home bearded dragon owner, so it’s 100% practical and doesn’t involve any sophisticated equipment or knowledge.

My Special Report: Top 50 Questions & Answers Every Bearded Dragon Owner MUST Know…

Through my work with hundreds of bearded dragon owners over the years, I’ve found that all of them have some very similar questions about how to care for their bearded dragon. All these questions and topics are covered in the manual.

How much will proper handling and care of your bearded dragon save you in vet fees or heartache when your beloved bearded dragon dies?

It is my belief that every bearded dragon owner needs to get there hands on this manual because this material can greatly improve the quality of life of your bearded dragon.

Read my Bearded Dragon Manual and try my techniques yourself on your own bearded dragon.