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Ben Pakulksi's Mi40

BpakYou can continue lifting heavy weights, all day long, but without optimal muscle tension, don’t expect to see any improvement in your skinny arms and legs! If you can’t “feel” your muscles then you won’t be able to exhaust them enough to elicit the hormonal, metabolic and nervous system responsible for muscle growth.

Putting your muscle into these full ranges where we are most unfamiliar is critical to developing untapped and untrained muscle fibers.

Strengthening these weak points of the muscle will strengthen the maximal ability of the entire muscle.

Obsessing over heavier weights instead of increasing TIME UNDER TENSION. Training through a limited range of motion due to a lack of biomechanic muscle function and how to fully shorten and lengthen a muscle through it’s greatest strength curve.

MI40-Foundation stands for Muscle Intelligence 40 This is the only muscle-gaining system that shows you how to apply conscious INTENT to create TENSION in the muscle.

With MI40-Foundation, I’ve laid it all out on a silver platter for you – the exact system I’ve used to take my body to the top pro bodybuilding ranks in the world; the same system that has taken “so-so” physiques to pro status; the same system followed by world champions & pro athletes; and the same system responsible for hundreds of regular individuals achieving twice the muscle in half the time.

Being a research junky, I had always read about overloading the muscle and overloading the nervous system to stimulate new muscle and strength gains, respectively.

Today you have a chance to take your physique to incredible new heights and maximize your potential with my revolutionary new system – I will teach you how to achieve massive muscle and immense strength without the use of drugs, helping you achieve physical perfection naturally.   READ MORE

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