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Blast your Bench Muscle Building Program

Blast Your Bench

Imagine Having A Proven Muscle Building System At Your Disposal

If you go into any gym you’ll see that most of the regular members look exactly the same now as they did this time last year. And is a lot of cases they are lifting the exact same weights as they were this time last year. 99% of all gym members are literally just spinning their wheels and going nowhere in terms of building a stronger more muscular body.

I’m sure you’ll save time and frustration from unproductive workouts, once you know…

  • You will learn how to make an awesome Power Shake that will boost your recovery and growth without buying overpriced supplements
  • What is the maximum time limit you should use to stay in the gym?
  • Learn the one huge mistake all bodybuilders make in their diet that guarantees they won’t gain an ounce of muscle… and how to turn it to your advantage that will give you an instant muscle boost
  • Learn how to use proper “assistance exercises” to drive your bench press strength through the roof
  • Learn how to shift your natural anabolic hormones into high gear with food that you can buy at the grocery store
  • Learn how to prevent training plateaus and make consistent gains with your workouts
  • Learn how to determine the exact weight that you should be lifting for maximum growth
  • How to stimulate maximum muscle growth in minimum time
  • How to make your workouts 3 times more productive without spending extra time in the gym
  • How to increase your natural testosterone and growth hormone levels through proper training techniques
  • How many times per week you should be training each body part for maximum growth
  • How a simple adjustment in your exercise technique can instantly generate more strength and power in your bench press
  • A balanced meal by meal eating schedule with the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats that will accelerate your strength and muscle growth

WARNING: If you go over this limit you will actually lose muscle!

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