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5 Best Flight Booking Hacks
Quit Getting “Taken For A Ride.”

Here’s How To Guarantee You Get The Cheapest Flight Available, EVERY Time…

The Ultimate Travel Killer…

We created the best way to track and remember your travels, but the went deeper than that.

The biggest issue with travel that plagues us all.  Can you guess?  Yup…
Along with accommodations, airfares are the biggest budget killer of a well-planned trip.
Even worse…
How Do You Even Know If You Got A Good Deal?
Here’s an example of a return flight from Portland to Berlin.  On one of the big online flight hubs that rave about having the “cheapest fares around,” you get this price:
Researching at the exact same time, for an EVEN BETTER ROUTE, on the exact same dates, our #1 Go-To “baseline” tool would keep $253.50 in your pocket:

We have tons of these examples, but here’s just one more for now…

We fly in and out of Nassau quite often and we’re off to Portugal soon. Here’s a fare I got quoted from one of the big online flight hubs that rave about having the “cheapest fares around:”
But for the EXACT SAME DESTINATION, searching at the EXACT SAME TIME I found this one, $279.15 cheaper:

I know, I know… NOT cool.

Isn’t it brutal that everywhere you look prices are different?
Aren’t you just sick of spending your valuable time searching for good flight prices?
Don’t you always feel like you’re getting screwed in one way or another when booking?
Well, you’re not alone.  Here’s what Hopper Research tells us:
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