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Breeding Rabits

Breeding Bunnies

Hello Fellow Rabbit Enthusiast,

Breeding rabbits aren’t just for 4-H projects anymore-it is big business and thousands of home-based breeding operations are springing up to fill the surging demand. But I know-for rabbits?!?!

Rabbit meat is actually one of the healthiest forms of protein out there with almost zero fat. And while the health benefits of rabbit meat are helping fuel the demand, the greatest surge is being caused by ethanol production. With more and more of our corn crop going towards making ethanol, this is driving up prices on beef, pork, and chicken because corn is the primary feed for these animals.

Breeding Bunnies is your complete A-Z guide for successful rabbit breeding and has everything you need to know about this fun and profitable work from home opportunity, including:

  • Mating Tips from A to Z
  • Role of Hormones in Healthy Rabbits
  • Sex Determination (it’s not as easy as you think!)
  • Selecting the Best Breeding Pair
  • Post-Mating Care for Male and Female
  • Potential Birthing Complications and How to Avoid Them


Even If You Have Never Owned a Pet Before, Breeding Bunnies: The ‘No Stone Left Unturned’ Guide to Breeding Bunnies Is All You Need to Be Successful and Profitable!

Not only that – Rabbit meat has MORE protein and LESS Fat than beef, pork, turkey or oven chicken!

That means you can fill up with fewer calories and manage that waistline better with rabbit meat.

  • Turkey (1190)
  • Pork (2050 Calories!!)
  • Beef (1440)
  • Lamb (1420)
  • Chicken (810)
  • Rabbit (795 )


Pound for pound, rabbit meat is one of the best sources of protein and healthier for you than most of the foods we love to eat!