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Learn Exactly How to Build Muscle and Body Mass

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll discover when you download your copy of Muscle Gaining Secrets today:

  • Learn what 9 things you absolutely must do to improve your recovery ability and build muscle as fast as possible.
  • The best muscle building exercises for each and every body part.
  • What one thing you should absolutely never do in the gym. I can almost guarantee that you are doing it now and if you are you are losing out on tons of muscle growth.
  • The hidden truth about how to avoid deadly hormones that literally eat muscle tissue and increase body-fat storage.
  • Discover the one magic nutrient that will help build muscle, burn fat and improve your libido all at the same time!
  • The inexpensive yet incredibly powerful tool that will guarantee consistent progress at every workout and help you avoid plateaus.
  • The top ten nutrition rules that you can’t afford to break if you want to get huge and ripped.
  • Unlock the killer combination that absolutely must be a part of every workout if you ever hope to build shocking amounts of muscle.
  • Discover exactly how short your workouts should be to ensure optimal progress. If you go even a minute past this point you are in big jeopardy of losing your gains.
  • Discover a little-known technique that has actually been shown in studies to increase muscle growth by as much as 269%!
  • Find out once and for all what is better for building muscle; free weights or machines.
  • Learn exactly how to alter your training for maximum fat loss in minimal time.
  • My closely guarded, secret diet plan that actually allows you to build muscle and burn fat at the same time; something that was previously impossible.
  • The one thing that you are doing right now and must stop immediately. This has been proven to weaken your immune system, destroy your joints, eat muscle tissue and increase body-fat storage!
  • Find out what one food will dramatically increase your appetite, completely eliminating the “I can’t eat enough,” excuse forever.
  • Discover the perfect workout split that will build muscle rapidly in even the skinniest hard gainers.
  • The bottom line truth about training to failure and whether you should do it or not.
  • The truth about rep speed and what actually builds the most muscle, fastest.
  • EXACTLY what rep range that has proven to be the most effective for building muscle as rapidly as possible. Doing reps outside of this small range is actually counterproductive.
  • The one thing you need to do at least six times per year to ensure that you will stay injury free and keep growing bigger and stronger.
  • A sneaky trick that will literally force your body into anabolic overdrive and leave it with no other option but to build new muscle. Basically, you will learn how to trigger the grow-or-die mechanism. This technique is so powerful yet so simple to employ that it will blow you away.
  • The number one most important principle of building muscle that is overlooked in 99% of all muscle building programs. If you ignore this you will never succeed no matter how hard you try.
  • Exploit the one, often overlooked, factor that can actually double your rate of progress. I personally never train without it…and neither should you!
  • Get your hands on my special 16-minute fat melting workout secret that actually helps you simultaneously build muscle as you get leaner!
  • The one widely accepted rule of weight training that is actually 100% ass backward and why following this rule that everyone else adheres to will kill your gains dead in their tracks.
  • The exact number of days you should train per week in order to build massive muscle.
  • Learn exactly how often you should train each body-part for maximal gains. It’s definitely not what you think.

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Muscle Gaining Secrets.