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Dan,s Daily Double
Sick of Buying Tips From Dodgy Fraudsters That Just Send You Losing Tips ALL The Time and Bleed Your Betting Bank Dry

Discover How I Turn A LOW £10 Daily Bet Into £410 Profit Per Month

That’s £4100 Per Month To £100 Bets!
Dear Frustrated Punter If you’re sick and tired of losing your hard earned cash all the time on lame betting systems and tips that never live up to the hype on their website then you’re in the right place!
Look, most of the tips and advice sold these days is just complete garbage… You know it and so do I… I’ve been there myself. Who I Am & Why You Should Listen to Me…
Hi, my name’s Dan Vickers and I’d like to welcome you to my Daily Double website. Only last year I was sinking my money into another “great service” that promised to make me thousands a month if I followed their advice. These services guarantee over 50-100 points profit a month or have some ridiculous six-figure claim which I now know is totally unattainable! It’s taken me a lot of bad decisions for me to finally realize this, as I didn’t want to accept it! But when I finally came to terms I decided to give it a go myself.
What I did discover is you can make money from betting as long as you keep your expectations realistic!
What You Can Expect From My Daily Double Service…
Over the last 12 months, I’ve been testing and tweaking my method out with great success. The results have been SOLID and CONSISTENT! Nothing crazy to write home about, but overall it has made profit. That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day right? Here’s a breakdown of the performance over the last 12 months…
September 2017… £1,100
October 2017 … -£200
November 2017 … £1,700
December 2017 … £4,100
January 2018 … £900
February 2018 … -£1,000
March 2018 … £1,600
April 2018 … £2,400
May 2018 … £800
June 2018 … -£700
July 2018 … £1,800
August 2018 … £2,100

Over the last 12 months, I have had 9 profitable months. 3 months we ended up at a loss (that happens, if you can’t except that then close the page and look for another way to make money as betting is not for you!). Overall to £100 bets I made a total profit of £14,600! On average that’s over £1,200 a month! How would you spend that extra cash?
Now I know you might have a few questions, here are some of the common ones below: Frequently Asked Questions…
Question #1 – How much do I need to stake? There is no maximum or minimum staking requirements… You can start from as little as £1 or bet as much as you like. I will tell you how much to stake per bet on a points basis. You just have to decide how much you wish to bet per point. I do recommend starting small and build yourself a betting bank until you get the hang of the selections… it doesn’t take long!
Question #2 – Is this arbitrage betting? The simple answer is NO! My method has nothing to do with arbitrage betting and doesn’t require a large investment to see a good return.
Question #3 – Does this only work for the UK betting? Being from the UK I have designed this formula to work on betting in the UK. I do not know what bookmakers in other countries allow, but if you can bet doubles then you can take advantage of my selections. Please check this before you sign up. I personally use Betfair.
Question #4 – Do I need special software for the system to work? No software is needed and there is nothing else to use or subscribe to in order to use my service.
Question #5 – Are there any upsells? There are no upsells or recurring fees. The price you pay is for full access for the entire 12 month period my service runs for. Pretty much what you see is what you get!
Questions #6 – Will this method work for me? I know you’ll be thinking that this won’t work for you. Only someone good with maths or has previous betting history could use this right? Wrong, I’ve made this dead simple and easy to follow so anyone can follow it and profit right away.
Question #7 – How and when are the tips delivered? Each evening you will receive an email with the selections to make for the following day’s picks. This is usually sent before 11 pm. Now for the BIG question…
How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?… £120, £60 … try £15! Yes, a measly £15 is all it takes for a FULL months access! Normally I charge £60 per month for access, but for a very limited time, I’m running a special offer where you can get a FULL months access for JUST 25% of the price. You just pay a small (one time) fee – Just ONCE and you’ll receive Instant Access to my tried and tested Dans Daily Double service direct to your inbox, that you can use to cash in for the next month…
That’s ONLY 50p Per Day for all my tips. After that and if you like the profit my selections make you can just register for another month at full price or a longer term at a discounted rate. It’s pretty much like a pay as you go mobile phone, once your credit runs out, if you want to use it again you just top it up. NO recurring billing… Just straight up pay-as-you-go payment plans. It really is that simple!

Now I could easily be like everyone else and charge you much more for access. But what’s the point? I make REAL money using my system – not selling it. The small fee just goes towards the time it’s cost me to put all this together for you plus setting up and running the website. But not only that…
I’m so confident that you’ll be totally BLOWN AWAY with my system… I’m going to take all the RISK away from you and give you a full 30 days to try it out to see what it can do for you too. If for some reason you refuse to make money with this (even though ANYONE can)… Or… If you feel this is not right for you (and quite frankly if this isn’t for you, I don’t know what is)… I will give you 100% of your money back. That’s my promise to you. All I ask is that you give this a try and just see what it can do for you. I can’t be fairer than that. You get to try my Dans Daily Double service out for a FULL 30 days! And if you’re not 100% happy with the results… I’ll return your complete investment. This really is a completely RISK-FREE opportunity.

The ordering system runs 24 hours a day – even if it’s 3 am. I look forward to helping you profit on the ponies. Your partner in success – Dan Vickers
Dans Daily Double

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