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Dating Tips for Men and Women

Helpful Dating Tips for Men and Women

Dating Tips for Women

1. Remember to keep your ears open more than your mouth. Your date is not one of your girlfriends, and he probably would enjoy a chance to talk about himself and his interests for a little while too. If he seems uninterested in sharing, it may just be that he’s quiet. Ask questions to get him talking about himself and what interests him.

2. Get dressed up. Nothing says “I’m not interested” quite as loudly as showing up for a date poorly dressed. You don’t have to be a fashion diva, but make a little extra effort to show your date that you took time with him in mind. Dress appropriately for the activity of the day and always be prepared for the unexpected.

3. Avoid talking about your past dates and ex-partners. Should the relationship progress past a few solitary dates, you might be in a place where it is ok to talk about these people, but in general, you should steer clear of mentioning them as much as possible. If you do mention previous partners, you are risking giving your date the impression that he might never live up to your memories or that you are still hung up on an ex.

Dating Tips for Men

52. Be witty with your pickup lines. The first time you approach a woman; don’t try to impress her with intelligent conversation right from the start. Instead, you need to focus on being cute and clever so that you can get her phone number or at least give her yours. Cliché pickup lines may seem like the way to go, but you’d be better finding a genuine opener that she probably has not already heard a thousand times.

53. Be completely real. Women have a way of recognizing a phony guy. Therefore, it is important to always be yourself instead of trying to impress a woman by being something that you are not. Even if they fall for it, in the beginning, they will figure you out in time.

54. Keep her guessing. Women like a challenge as much as men. Therefore, it’s not necessary to work hard to show her just how much you like her. Let the relationship bloom over time and just enjoy the trip! Don’t be secretive or avoid her questions, however, when she shows interest in your life by asking questions it is important to give her the answer.