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Detox in water


A Simple Water Bath Can Cleanse You Inside?

Discover a 100% natural and effective ancestral detox bath

Created way back in the 1880s by Louis Kuhne, the “Father of Detox”, who effectively used it to treat his cancer, and heal hundreds of other diseases, the Detox Bath uses NOTHING but water to help the body flush toxins and excess fat out. It is a tool that nature graciously provides us with to help us maintain our body and health in optimal condition.

Picture yourself 5 years from now…

What if you managed to effortlessly maintain radiant health, youth, energy, focus and your ideal weight?

The odds are with you if you start the Detox Bath today to:

  • Enhance your figure, health and well being for FREE, using ONLY water
  • Enjoy restful, restorative sleep every night, while sleeping fewer hours
  • Master a detox technique you can use on travel, and take with you wherever you go
  • Boost your mood and energy naturally
  • Naturally get rid of stubborn fat and cellulite
  • Radiate health and beauty from the inside out
  • Naturally, boost your metabolism
  • Achieve the slim and toned body you always desired
  • Effectively and safely flush toxins out
  • Boast beautifully clear skin and luminous complexion
  • Improve your digestion and banish constipation for good, without medication
  • Achieve and maintain your ideal weight without diet