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A Total Guide For Teen Age Dieting

Two Of The Main Benefits to Helping Teens Lose Weight.

1) A decrease in the likelihood of health risks

Studies show that being overweight plays a major role in health risks such as heart disease, respiratory problems, hormonal imbalances…and several more. Are you willing to risk your teen’s future health?

2) Increased self-esteem, leading to an improvement in overall lifestyle

Self-esteem plays an important role in today’s society, and being overweight can have a serious effect on your teen’s mental well being. Your teen is far likelier to excel in adulthood if they are at or below their recommended body mass index. Is your teen’s success in the future at risk due to being overweight now?

Here is what you will discover inside this Guide

  • How do you go about parenting an overweight teen without creating more problems? Sometimes, saying, or doing the wrong thing could make matters worse. It takes just the right amount of parenting to handle this delicate situation.
  • What are the psychological issues for overweight teens? In this chapter, you’ll discover all about the mental issues that need to be considered. To your teen, the weight may not even be a thought…which makes this an even more difficult situation to approach. Do you know how best to handle it?
  • How can teens lose weight safely and quickly? We’ll reveal the safest, and fastest ways for a teen to lose weight quickly. One thing you never want to do is to jump on one of the “fad” diets. The actual best way may be surprising…
  • How worried should you, as a parent, be about your teen’s weight? It’s normal, and appropriate for a parent to worry about their teen being overweight. But just how worried should you be? We’ll break it down, and reveal the best course of action.

And a lot more!

Table Of Contents in Book:

  • Introduction
  • Parenting Your Overweight Teen and Improving Their Self Esteem
  • Psychological Issues for Teens Relating to Being Overweight
  • Some Simple Rules to Follow to Help Teens Lose Weight Safely
  • Advice for Helping Teens Lose Weight
  • How Teens Can Lose Weight Quickly and Safely
  • Conclusion
  • Weight Loss for Teens – A Parent Should Not Worry Too Much

                                                         The Total Guide To Teen Weight Loss