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Pass Kidney Stones PAIN-FREE

Dissolve and Pass Kidney Stones

And You’re About to See PROOF that My Remedy REALLY WORKS!

  • Now you too can join the thousands of other kidney stone sufferers who put my secret home remedy to the test and passed their kidney stones within 24 hours with NO pain.
  • Imagine your kidney stones GONE pain-free… in just a few short hours from right now…
  • Imagine yourself calling your doctor to cancel your scheduled surgery…
  • Imagine the peace of mind you’d have knowing you could prevent your kidney stones from ever coming back again –after you pass them naturally
  • Imagine the pain and suffering you’d avoid, the thousands you’d save in ridiculous medical bills if you could painlessly dissolve your kidney stones and easily pass them through your urine…

Fact: 256 of the last 300 people who have used my remedy have passed their kidney stones without pain!

So how can you know if you are likely to be in the 80%?

My remedy works exceptionally well if:

  • Your kidney stones are 7mm or less (over 90% of kidney stones are 5mm or less! And, my remedy has worked for people with stones as large as 1.2cm!) If your kidney stone is larger than 7mm, you will still want to get a copy of my remedy – but you will probably need to do the remedy two or three times over the next three days. A good analogy is this: a big block of ice takes longer to melt than a bag of ice cubes.
  • You follow my easy, step-by-step remedy EXACTLY AS WRITTEN – Failure to follow my step-by-step instructions (detailed in my report) will lessen the likelihood of your success in dissolving and passing your kidney stones pain-free
  • Your Kidney Stones Are Made Of Calcium Oxalate (You may not know what your kidney stones are made of, but Calcium Oxalate kidney stones represent over 85% of all types of kidney stones. They are by far the most common type of kidney stone.)
  • You have just one or two kidney stones – some people have multiple kidney stones of various sizes. I have found that the more kidney stones you have at one time, the less likely my remedy will work for you. However, I have seen a few cases where someone with multiple small stones has dissolved and passed their stones using my natural remedy.

So what happens if you buy the remedy and it doesn’t work for you?

OK, let’s summarize¬†all of the benefits¬†you’ll receive when you buy your copy of the Kidney Stone Removal Report:

  • No harmful side effects – 100% natural!
  • No Stress, No Surgery! Feel healthy fast and resume living!
  • Safe for diabetics and pregnant women!
  • It tastes good – much better than drinking olive oil!
  • No need for potentially addictive drugs
  • Save thousands of dollars in medical bills and hospital stays
  • Fast, painless relief from your excruciating pain
  • No more sleepless nights agonizing in extreme pain