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more effective Parent

Become a more effective parent

“The definitive program on how to teach Your Difficult Child better behavior and to help you become a more effective parent.”

Here is Just Some of What You Will Learn

  • Why almost no child discipline program can work for long, even if it works at first (In the end you will be left where you started- or worse! Just ask anyone who has tried one of them.)
  • What you may be doing that almost forces your children to fight with each other. (If your house is a nightmare, this may be why.)
  • The one surefire technique to ensure your child will never interrupt you
  • The one most powerful secret you must know to raise your child effectively. (Learn this and you will almost never need to use punishment again. Ignore it and not only will you be punishing much more, but also no punishment, reproof, or penalty will have any long-term effect on your child.)
  • The ONE universal underlying principal that will transform the most unruly headstrong monster into a loving obedient child. (It is amazing how so few parents know about this, especially since it is so easy to apply and any parent can do it.)
  • The 5 essential steps to ensure your child listen to your commands
  • Right and wrong ways to discipline- the secrets that will help you direct your child
  • One simple “game” that will teach your child to obey you. (Your child will do whatever you ask, and he will think he is playing.)
  • One easy to use secret that will teach your child to obey your requests
  • How you may be forcing your child to fight with you, and what you can do to change it
  • How to uproot defiant behavior at its roots
  • How to talk to your child so they will listen
  • How to leverage your child’s inherent nature to mold him into the loving obedient child of your dreams. (Master this and you will transform your child. This is powerful and it is universal. It will work with any child and in any society. – And no, your child is not different.)
  • How to handle your child in any situation – anytime and anywhere. (You will always know exactly what to do. You will gain absolute confidence as a parent.)
  • How to give effective commands (Learn these 4 secrets and your child will rush to listen.)
  • How to eliminate talking back once and for all. (Almost everybody gets this wrong)
  • How to eliminate all the talking back and arguing and hostility and regain your warm loving relationship with your child. (There is nothing more important than this for both you and your child.)
  • 8 keys to uproot relapses in bad behavior (Master this and you will have your child under control for years to come.)
  • 8 hidden keys that guarantee that your child will continue to obey you throughout his childhood. (Yes- even when he is a teenager.)
  • 4 mistakes that erode your parental power and encourage defiance (Almost every parent is doing one of these.)
  • 4 common errors that will demolish your authority and almost force your child to rebel. (Eliminate these 4 errors and your discipline problems will melt away forever)
  • 15 surefire techniques that will almost instantly transform how your child responds to you