A Fat Loss Program That Adds 5 Lbs of Lean Muscle To Your Body

Metabolic Surge – Rapid Fat Loss

Discover a Groundbreaking Fat-Loss Program That Can Actually ADD 5 Lbs of Lean Muscle To Your Body While Burning Off 10 to 15 Pounds of Fat…

All in Just 36 days…

In this program, I’ll tell you what foods you need to eat and when to eat them. You’ll learn things like:

  • why eating low-carb is one of the BEST and one of the WORST ways to lose fat. If you follow the typical, mainstream low-carb diet, you WILL lose muscle. That’s a guarantee. I’ll tell you how to avoid that trap completely.
  • why detailed calorie-counting is not necessary for rapid fat loss. This program does NOT require that you measure every little thing you eat. You’ll get results just by eating foods from specific categories, not by weighing your food.
  • why an eating plan that doesn’t change frequently, regularly and dramatically is doomed to failure. You need to know the exact time to change things around in your eating – wait too long or not long enough and your results will suffer. I’ll lay it all out for you.
  • why a caloric deficit is not always necessary (or even always desirable!) to reduce your body fat percentage. Find out how and when you can eat more than maintenance levels and still reduce your body fat. It’s all in the timing.
  • what foods are never good on a fat-loss diet. Many of them are actually found in typical diet plans!
  • how your body reacts to certain foods has the power to either kill your fat loss or send it through the roof, depending completely on WHEN you eat those foods. You’ll get a precise schedule of those times to leave you no doubt as to what you need to eat and when.
  • how you can eat pizza and still rip the fat off your body. Even a rapid fat-loss plan needs a little “soul” food in it but whoever heard of pizza being encouraged on a diet? I’ll tell you when you should eat it to actually ENHANCE your fat-loss results.
  • how to unleash the power of FRUIT to build muscle while dieting. You’ll be astonished how and why this works. It can literally FORCE your body to build muscle even while dieting.
  • Metabolic Surge – Rapid Fat Loss