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The Fundamentals of Management Book

Discover the business basics every manager is expected to know but no one in your organization seems able to explain.

“If you hope to excel as a manager in your business, you must understand the basic business principles presented here.”

  • Learn the 5 Basic Reasons People Buy. Understanding what motivates people to buy is the cornerstone of serving their needs.
  • Learn What Makes your Business Successful. Why do your customers buy from you instead of someone else? Learn why win-win strategies are the best path to sustainable growth.
  • Learn the Simple Process All Customers Follow. All business success starts and ends with the customer. Successful managers and business leaders understand the customer process comes first.
  • Learn How your Business is Organized Around the Customer Process. All successful businesses are (or were at one time) organized around the customer’s own thinking process. A fuller understanding of why your business is structured the way it is will give you the edge you need to make your piece of it shine.
  • Learn the Only 2 Ways to Grow a Business. That’s the name of the game after all. How do you get people to give you their money over and over again? You give them something worth even more.

Do you want to make the move to Manager, Department Head or Business Leader? Do you just want to understand why your business and your boss make the crazy decisions they do? Understanding Business and Management provides the foundation you need to start making sense of it all.