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The Dry Fire Training Cards
21 Day Alpha Shooter Course

Shoot 2x Faster In The Next 21 Days

Our at-home dry fire training will have you shooting 2x faster, tighter groups without firing a shot

AND, if you’re one of the next 40 people to take action, I’ll also send you out
3 Dry Fire Cords in 9mm, .40, and .45!

(They’ll block your chamber for safer dry fire and give you a resetting trigger
WITHOUT having to rack the slide between reps)

GET THE COURSE DVD, Cards, Dry Fire Cord & More!

Increased Speed

Higher Precision

Better Performance

Stop Wasting Money At The Range!

Most firearms training today was developed decades ago by shooters who had training time and ammo provided for them as part of their job.  It’s outdated and not efficient for the modern shooter.

21 Day Alpha Shooter was designed for shooters who don’t have the time or budgets required by outdated training methods, but who still demand high level shooting performance.

The system combines cutting edge brain science with dry fire drills that you can do at home to make dry fire more fun and more effective so you’ll improve quicker, easier, and cheaper than most people think is possible.

Make the hardest shots with confidence when others freeze in fear

Get life-saving skills your loved ones can depend on

Earn the respect of your peers

Train real-world skills that most ranges prohibit

Have more fun when you go to the range

Shoot better with both eyes open




More than 10,000 shooters like you have tried, tested, and proven this system effective beyond a doubt.  So effective that it’s in use by top law enforcement trainers from coast to coast and top military trainers around the globe.

A Smarter Way To Train

The US Navy SEALs have a virtually unlimited training budget and very generous range time.  Even so, they do dry fire training at home every night FOR WEEKS before they get to fire their first live round.  It’s a similar story for other special operations units and tactical law enforcement.

Traditional dry fire training, like what you’ve seen or used before, works.  But our training will give you results that are way beyond what most people think is possible.  You’ll get quicker, better results for less money than what’s possible with any other system.  That’s why…

Our Training Is Trusted By

And Recommended Around The Globe

Just 3 Steps To Gain More Confidence
From The Range To The Street

Dry fire training is the secret of top performers.  It’s the manipulation of your pistol with no live ammo present.  Done correctly (I’ll show you), it’s safe for all modern defensive pistols.  Best of all, it means that you can practice without paying for ammo in the comfort of your own home!

Get Course

You get both online-on-demand access as well as the DVD so you can begin training in the next 5 minutes!

Follow Along

Watch.  Do.  Improve.

Real World Performance

You’ll start seeing results in 3-5 days that multiply over time, regardless of the situation.

What’s my investment?

How much have you spent on ammo, training, and gear so far without seeing the results you want to see?  Are you seeing dramatic improvements every time you go to the range?  Are you doing more and more of the same and expecting a different result?

How much of your current training is simply reinforcing mediocre performance instead of elevating your game?

If you had to use your pistol to defend yourself or those you love TONIGHT, would you wish you’d done anything differently…better?  You see, not using our system has an immediate cost, because your range time isn’t as effective or as fun as it could be.

But there’s also a bigger potential cost of not using our training…and it could be the life of someone you love.

So, let me show you the training and the special pricing you can take advantage of if you take action today…

The 21 Day Alpha Shooter System Includes

21 Daily follow-along dry fire training videos on DVD $37 Value

21 Day Alpha Shooter follow-along video course on online on-demand (so you can start training in the next 5 minutes) $27 Value

50+ Dry Fire Training Cards $17 Value with 300+ 4&5 Star Ratings!)

PDF version of the cards you can keep on your phone ($9.97 Value)

More Than A Dozen Bonus Training Videos covering grip, streamlining your drawstroke, long range pistol shooting, and more! ($27 Value)

Instant access to “Clearing Your Home With A Firearm” for those times when police are overwhelmed and you’re on your own. ($27 Value)

Print-at-home diagnostic pistol target & group diagnostic chart…it’s a cheat sheet for the next time you’re at the range and your mind goes *poof!* and you forget what to do to fix what’s going on. ($27 Value)

Wallet sized pistol drop chart–to get you on target with a defensive pistol out to 200 yards! ($17 Value)

3 of our patented Dry Fire Cords in 9, .40, and .45 ($21 Value)

FREE Shipping! ($8.45 Value)

That’s $220+ in proven at-home training…
All for only $47!
That’s a 79% savings and
less than the cost of a single trip to the range!

GET THE COURSE DVD, Cards, Dry Fire Cord $47

3 Keys To Your Success…

Cutting edge follow-along dry fire training on DVD AND instant access to the online on-demand version.  The video training takes advantage of over a dozen performance neurology and accelerated learning hacks to help you make the biggest gains in the shortest time…some of which you won’t find in any other non-classified training available today.

Any instructor worth their salt can get shooters performing like a rock star during a live training, but without sustainment training, 80% (or more) of those skills will disappear in a few short weeks.  Dry Fire Training Cards are the sustainment tool used by top military, law enforcement, and civilian instructors to help turn head knowledge learned in class into hardwired skill that you can actually use weeks or months later when lives are on the line.

Dry Fire Cord is a patented device that will block your chamber in less than 5 seconds for safer dry fire, give you a visual indicator that your chamber is blocked, AND give you a resetting trigger on Glocks and other semi-auto pistols without having to rack the slide for trigger control drills, learning to read your sights, and multi-shot dry fire sequences.  You’ll receive a multi-caliber pack of 9, .40, and .45.

We’ll Ship You All 3 When You Take Action Now…

Somewhere out there, there’s a bad guy looking for another sucker who bought into the lie that they can “rise to the occasion.”

You know better.

That’s why you’re here.

You know that hope and dreams and good thoughts don’t save the day in a life or death situation…it’s the training that you have or haven’t done that’s going to determine how the day ends for you.

You can do more of what you’ve done to get to where you are today, but Einstein said it best when he said that “Doing the same thing more frequently and intently and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.”

What you need is a completely different and more efficient plan.  What you need is 21 Day Alpha Shooter.

You’re not going to find a quicker or more proven solution.  You’re not going to find a less expensive solution.  This will give you the most bang for the buck of any training option available, so go ahead and get started now by clicking the button below.

Who Teaches The Course?

Mike Ox

Mike (Ox) is an NRA and UTM Level 2 Mil/LE instructor who is the creator of Dry Fire Training Cards and 21 Day Alpha Shooter.  His brain-based firearms training currently helps thousands of shooters each year get better results in less time for less money.  While he currently holds the 5th fastest time in the world in the IDPA classifier with a subcompact BUG gun (20.8 seconds), he primarily uses IDPA, USPSA, and 3-gun as a stress inoculation tool.  His passion is training for self-defense shooting situations.  As a result of the unique effectiveness of the training, 60% of the clients we serve are current or former military/law enforcement with an emphasis on special operations personnel.  We also frequently work with all-women shooting groups as well as armed church security teams.

Try A Free Sample…

Download our FREE 3-Things PDF and see why our dry fire training is superior to live-fire-only training as well as old-school traditional dry fire.

You’ll learn how to quickly shoot with both eyes open, how to fix low-left groups, and a brain hack to shoot several accurate shots per second with an ordinary duty or carry pistol.

Download The PDF

GET THE COURSE DVD, Cards, Dry Fire Cord $47

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