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How To Get Six Pack Abs

DISCOVERED! A 100% Bio-Chemically GUARANTEED Way To Get Six Pack Abs

Torch Body Fat & Build Sexy Muscle Fast!

With this program, you banish flab and build hard muscle at the same time!

Sound impossible? It’s NOT! I do it all the time! And I’ll show you how with REAL science.

The Total Six Pack Abs system literally RE-PROGRAMS your body’s metabolism to BURN FAT!

Put simply, each of our macronutrients; protein, fat, and carbohydrate, take different metabolic pathways – kind of like 3 cars driving down different highways. I’ll show you how to manipulate your macronutrient ratios to feed muscle growth and torch fat simultaneously!

Now, there are many things this ebook is not…

  • It is not padded with anything not directly related to giving you the ripped abs you desire
  • It is not an exploration of the history and personalities involved in weight-loss
  • It is not a buzzword, terminology-laden brain twister
  • It is not a semi-starvation or hunger diet, quite the opposite
  • It is not a heavy or complicated read

It is, however:

  • The best way to shed fat and preserve muscle mass simultaneously (Some people will even build muscle and lose fat at the same time!)
  • A straightforward, 147 page relentlessly practical, step-by-step ebook to take you from lard to hard. That’s a promise!
  • THE way of ridding ugly fat from your body in the shortest time possible
  • An EXACT BLUEPRINT for body fat so low, your skin is virtually SHRINK-WRAPPED around your rock-hard abs

What You Get With Total Six Pack Abs

There is NO other guide out there that so completely covers everything you need to know to get six-pack abs while leaving out all the fluff. This program is called ‘Total’ because it’s the total system, it’s all here. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside:

  • The BEST Six-Pack Abs diet on the planet. Bar NONE! PERIOD!
  • I’ve even included a grocery-shopping list so that you know exactly what you have to pick up at the store
  • Delicious, Fat-melting RECIPES!
  • FREE Diagrams and logs to track your progress
  • FREE Audio tracks that guide you through your cardio in REAL-TIME!
  • Your WORKOUT ROUTINES with clear illustrations for abdominal work
  • The MOST EFFECTIVE CARDIO ON THE PLANET and why you’re missing out BIG TIME if you don’t use it!