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Easy Face Painting For Beginners

Learn How To Master The Art Of Face Painting

Discover How Simple & Fun It Is To Master The Art Of Face Painting.

Kids Will Glow With Excitement When You Start Painting Faces At A Birthday Party Or Charity Event!

Below Is A Sneak Peek Of What You’ll Find In Easy Face Painting:

  • You’ll learn the very basic supplies you’ll need to get started so you don’t spend money on unnecessary tools.
  • You’ll learn the simplest techniques that will get you started right away.
  • Which paints are appropriate for use in face painting and which are not… and why this is important to you and the children you are painting.
  • The very best ways to keep an antsy child from fidgeting in the chair as you are painting.
  • The simplest way to prevent cracking and peeling of your finished masterpiece.
  • Step-By-Step Photo Library of over 40 Super Simple Designs!
  • Learn the “why’s” for each essential face painting tool. You’ll also discover which tools are absolutely necessary for your success as a face painter.
  • How to quickly and easily promote your new income-producing hobby to the folks that will hire you for cash
  • How to organize your face painting workspace or booth so your customers will be lined up out the door.
  • How to create your own designs through the use of stencils
  • HOLIDAY DESIGNS! Step-by-Step Photo Instructions Of 10 Holiday Designs including Halloween, Thanksgiving, And Christmas!
  • Discover when you should never paint a child’s face and what to do instead.
  • An ingeniously simple secret to making sure that two colors painted close together never smudge.
  • Amazing professional-looking designs that can be completed by even a novice in three minutes or less!
  • Learn How To Master The Art Of Face Painting