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How to Start Your Own Pet Photography Business

Pet Photography

As more and more people are delaying parenthood, or deciding to not have children at all, people are spending money on their pampered pooches and pets instead. And getting professional portraits to hang in a prominent spot in the living room (not to mention those wallet sized photos!) is the latest way for owners to express their love for their pets.

Did you know that pet photography is an extremely lucrative business? There is a need for photographers who specialize in taking prized photographs of the most pampered member of the family – the beloved and spoiled family pet. And surprisingly, most people are willing to pay far more for their family pet’s portraits than they are willing to spend on the rest of their family’s portraits! And you can even make the homeliest mutt look like a top dog when you take special and memorable photographs.

There are very few photographers who specialize in taking photographs of dogs, cats, birds, and other animal members of the family. And there is one huge bonus for photographers or want-to-be photographers – most pets are much more obedient and behaved than their human counterparts – which make for much easier photograph sessions for you!

Everything you need to know about starting a pet photography is included in this exclusive MyMommyBiz eBook. Here is a peek at the table of contents:

  • Your Professional Pet Photograph Portfolio
  • Why start a pet photography business?
  • When a Customer Changes His or Her Mind After the Photographs are Taken
  • What to Charge
  • Turn Around Time
  • Special Pet Photography Events
  • Presenting the Photographs to Clients
  • Payment Methods
  • On-the-Fly Candid Portraits
  • Negatives: To include them in the sale or not
  • Location Portrait Sessions
  • Initial Consultation
  • Holiday Portraits
  • Formal Studio Portraits
  • Formal Studio Portraits
  • Deposits
  • Creating a Name for your Pet Photography Business
  • Copyrights on Photographs
  • Contracts
  • Company Logo
  • Commercial Store Portraits
  • Client / Pet Releases (for photographs used by professional breeders etc)
  • Business Supplies
  • Advertising