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Potty Training

The “right” way to potty training

How to SUCCESSFULLY Potty Train your child in five hours or less – even if your child is resistant, and you’ve tried other methods before!

Here are just some of the amazing secrets, tips & techniques this course will teach you

  • A step-by-step explanation of the vital mental attitude you need for successful potty training in five hours.
  • The only two ways of changing human behavior patterns, and how the H.E.A.R.T Method uses both!
  • Which parent in the home should do the training, given your family dynamics, and why only that parent should train.
  • Four supply items that you don’t want to be without during training, and how to use them to make training fun for you and your child.
  • Two specific ways to increase your energy investment for five hours, and why this is important to your child.
  • Why it is important to want potty training success for your child’s benefit also, and not just for your convenience!
  • The absolute best way to use repetition to train new patterns.
  • The fastest and Best strategy to keep your child motivated!
  • A Step-by-Step explanation of how your child really trains himself or herself.
  • How to avoid the #1 Mistake most parents make that causes them to take months to potty train… so you can do it in half a day.
  • How to quickly and easily overcome any resistance your child has to potty training.
  • The single “training method” that virtually guarantees success in training your child.
  • The sure-fire secret to persuading your child to want to use the potty, and how to make it fun in the process!
  • Two Proven modeling techniques to use in the first hour of training, and what different steps to take during the remaining four hours.
  • The simple yet essential keys to a no pressure atmosphere!
  • What focused attention really means – no TV, internet, radio, phone, etc. You’ll also find out what else you must not do during training.
  • How to use your child’s natural desire to copy and pretend to make your potty training job easier!
  • How your child develops the awareness of needing to go potty, and how to quicken the process.
  • How to use the power of social persuasion to influence your child during training, or at any other time.
  • The “right” way to create a harmonious environment for training and a mini-retreat for you and your child.
  • Simple ways to tell when your child is really ready for potty training.
  • The ten commandments of potty training and how one “mistake” can cost you in training hours
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