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Awaken Love and Possibilities in Your Relationship

Awaken More Love and Possibilities in Your Relationship and Life

How a Balding, Overweight, Middle-Aged Man and a 50-Year-Old Librarian Created a Close, Connected and Alive Love Relationship Filled With Passion, Intimacy and Incredible Lovemaking. AND How You Can Too–No Matter What Your Age!

Download a copy of our ebook now and here’s a partial list of what you’ll discover …

  • Exciting new ways couples can “amp up their electrical connection” and keep their relationship fires going strong
  • The one skill that is absolutely necessary to keep your relationship red hot
  • How to stop resisting and start embracing more passion and pleasure within you and your relationship
  • The best ways to handle sexual differences in any relationship
  • A specific breathing technique for increasing passion and connection in the bedroom
  • The importance of opening more to pleasure and becoming a “pleasure pig”
  • New ways to explore kissing that virtually guarantees help in pumping up the passion in your relationship
  • The most important commitments anyone can make
  • How can you listen to your partner in ways that help him or her feel respected, honored, important and even cherished
  • to you either physically or emotionally
  • A simple way you can quickly and easily shift the dynamics between you and your partner when challenges come up
  • How you can allow the silly side of yourself to come out to create a special, romantic or connected moment that both of you will love
  • What you should never do with your heart if you want a red-hot relationship
  • What you can do to create delicious, pleasurable interludes that you and your partner can use to spice up your relationship and keep it passionate and alive
  • How flirting with each other constantly reinforces our attraction for one another and builds passion throughout the day
  • The one thing you should focus on first if you want changes to happen in your relationship
  • Great examples of what you can do to show; your partner that he or she is special and important
  • A new way to make sure the spark never goes out in your relationship or marriage
  • Why you don’t have to make your relationship “hard work” in order to have a great one
  • The one thing you can do alone to help you create a closer, more connected and more passionate relationship
  • The myths you’ll want to let go of if you want to have a red hot love relationship as the years go by
  • The lies we’ve all been told about aging and sex that can make your sex life go limp if you believe them
  • Something we do every day that only takes a moment that is one of the key ingredients to keeping our connection and passion alive
  • One of the biggest “passion stoppers” and learn how it doesn’t have to affect your relationship or marriage in a negative way
  • Our thoughts about whether it’s more important to have quality time together or quantity of time together in order to create a red-hot relationship
  • How to create an environment in your relationship where you both get as many of your wants, needs, and desires fulfilled as possible
  • Insights and strategies that show you how to open your heart to each other more
  • who wants a red-hot relationship
  • The secrets to transforming your bedroom from just an ordinary bedroom into a Sanctuary of Love
  • What to do if your partner is closed and won’t open
  • An exciting new way to create mini celebrations that can re-energize your relationship