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Helpful Strategies That Will Make Your Marriage Work

Helpful Strategies That Will Make Your Marriage Work

Why Do Most Wives Struggle in Their Relationships with Their Husbands?

These Powerful Strategies Will Make Your Marriage Sizzle — and Transform You Into the Woman Your Husband Will Want to Marry All Over Again
by Bob Grant, L.P.C., “The Relationship Doctor

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the priceless nuggets contained in the ebook:

  • How to enable your husband to experience the kind of contentment that he so desperately craves, and help him to be more fulfilled
  • Why your physical appearance – and your ability to take care of yourself – has a lot to do with your husband’s level of self-esteem
  • How something as seemingly harmless as the tone of your voice can lead to the gradual erosion of your marriage – whether you realize it or not
  • The most pervasive killer of romance in a marriage – If you and your husband keep doing this common activity, you can bet the romance you crave will always be lacking
  • The 15 words you can say to your husband when you’re lonely and need reassurance — These words will get you the positive and supportive response you want from him every time
  • The absolute best way to make a dramatic improvement in your marriage instantly — this is the recipe for joy in any marriage.
  • Why you should NEVER give in to your husband’s sexual advances when he’s behaving miserably or in an ugly manner. Do this at your own risk!
  • How becoming your husband’s “cheerleader” can melt the cold and guarded part of his heart — This is also one of the best things you could do to keep his passion for you from waning.
  • How a simple shift in your attitude towards your husband’s ability to provide for the family can help your husband advance in his career
  • How to guide your husband’s sexual advances so that you’ll get the emotional intimacy and pleasure that you want from lovemaking – while making your husband feel that he’s in control
  • How the unwillingness of wives to yield to their husbands inadvertently becomes a block to intimacy
  • How to make your husband willing to listen to you and try practically anything you suggest
  • How to make your husband feel powerful so that he’ll always want to be with you
  • Why does it hurt your husband when you lose pride in your appearance? You’ll never believe the answer to this — and it’s not what you think!
  • Irrational things a wife does that makes her husband stop trying to please her altogether. Are you doing these things?
  • Why it seems odd to your husband that you actually need the reassurance of his love for you
  • Why learning the proper way to handle conflict with your husband is the ultimate secret to giving him his greatest need – and thus making him want to give you all that you need
  • The highest compliment you can give your husband – and no, it’s not praising his physical appearance, which only works on women, not men
  • Why you should NEVER give your husband advice – unless he begs you to
  • Why losing weight, wearing more attractive clothing, and putting on more makeup is rarely the kind of physical improvement your husband really needs to see in you to regard you highly
  • The one thing you can do in a split second to make your husband feel like he’s married the woman of his dreams
  • How to reignite one of your husband’s biggest turn-ons – Most women seldom realize this and therefore miss out on an opportunity to capture their husband’s attention
  • The seemingly harmless things wives do that make their husbands feel stripped of their manhood and, therefore, more tempted to run to the arms of another woman
  • The easiest and most amicable way to avoid never-ending debates with your husband about how to make decisions or resolve issues in your household