Start Beekeeping As A Hobby Or Business

How To Successfully Start Beekeeping As A Hobby Or Business

To start beekeeping, you need to have an entrepreneurial attitude and be business minded. Many people turn to beekeeping because they like the idea of producing their own Honey. Beekeeping as a hobby is one thing, but being a professional beekeeper is something else entirely. You will be shown how to successfully start Beekeeping.

You’re not going to become a millionaire over-night, but the return on keeping a beehive is high in proportion to the initial investment. Most professional beekeepers started small with only one or two hives. If things went well in the first year or two, then their hobby grew into something more substantial. Beekeeping isn’t labor intensive, and the time spent tending to the hives is surprisingly low. Don’t forget, the bees do all the work, not you!

The consumption of honey is over 300 million pounds per annum, just in the U.S alone. So you can imagine the consumption in the rest of the world for this extra special food if you were to export your product. There is a worldwide market ready for you to satisfy. It takes much less effort on your part. All you need is to be equipped with quality beekeeping information and a results-driven mindset.

Here is a breakdown of what you will discover in this guide…

 How to Get Started in Beekeeping – You Will Know All the Right Steps to Take

 What are the Challenges of Beekeeping

 Clothes and Equipment Needed

 The Right Time of Year to Start Beekeeping

 Raising Bees in Different Kinds of Areas

 What needs to be Considered when Picking the Location for Your Bees

 How to Make Sure Your Bees Don’t Harm Your Neighbors or Passer Bys

 Choosing the Best Hive for Your Bees

 The Right Number of Hives to Start With

 Which Kind of Bees to Start With

 What To Prepare Before the Bees Arrive

 The Right Hive Orientation

 How to Acquire Your Bees

 Raising Queen Bees – (You need to get this right)

 Queen Bee Management

 How to Get Your Queen Bee to Live the Longest Lifespan Possible

 How to Setup a Colony of Bees

 How To Unite Bee Colonies

 What to Do With the Honey Flow

 How To Move an Established Hive

 How to Protect Your Bees In Winter (Important)

 Preparing for the Next Season

 Using Pollen Substitutes

 Using Nectar Substitutes

 The Required Flowers and Plants for Bees to Produce Quality Honey

 How to Easily Drive Away Ants and Other Enemies from Your Hives

 How to Make Sure that You are always Safe from Bee Stings

 How to Safely Handle Bees

 How to know for Certain when Your Honey is Being Ripened

 The Right Way to Extract Honey from a Bee Hive

 A Major Tools You have to Own for Beekeeping

 The Easy Way to Calm Your Bees.

 The Right Conditions Needed for Storing Your Harvested Honey

 Getting the Right see through “observation” hive for Maximum Honey Production

 Want to Start a Beekeeping Business? This Guide Will Give You Direction

 You also get My List of Top Affordable Beekeeping Equipment Suppliers and Resources

And a lot more!