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Stop Smoking With EFT

Stop Smoking With EFT

EFT Can Remove The Fear Of Cravings, The Fear Of Weight Gain and The Pain Of Withdrawal…

Break Free From All The Worry And The Emotional Turmoil Of Giving Up Cigarettes, Regain Your Health Whilst You Actually Enjoy Quitting With EFT.

Quit cigarettes by releasing the emotions which keep you coming back for more… Stop Smoking Now and Remain 100% Smoke-Free

No wonder this program has now become the leading EFT Quit Smoking Program

Stop Smoking With EFT program & MP3 Audio’s

  • The program come as a PDF and contains all the information on how to use this program, and comes complete with copies of All the 56 Core Scripts – over 120 pages of Tapping
  • The Core Stop Smoking Program contains 56 Scripts on MP3
  • On Average Each Audio Script runs for 5 Minutes in Length
  • These Professional EFT Scripts are in MP3 format, so they can be stored on your MP3 Player and Computer, or put on a CD and played in your car
  • You receive Over 300 minutes of EFT Audio’s, that’s over 5 hours of Audio Scripts
  • You also receive a 45-minute introduction audio where Joe talks about this program as well as giving you the key ingredient you can use to change any habit.