Survive The Coming Collapse

Real, Proven Survival Strategies When Money Turns Into Dust

You’ll have the power to survive and prosper through any crisis without relying on the incompetent government or FEMA.

Here’s what’s inside Conquering The Coming Collapse Program…

  • We’ll also reveal how a simple cup left on the ground can kill 99% of the bacteria in your drinking water…without any extra work. Learn this and you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollar on expensive water filters or an energy source to boil your water.
  • You’ll discover the one thing that you must never do when someone is trying to get into your home. Many preppers are unaware of the dangers that this one simple action can cause, but doing this tells the looter exactly what to do to get in.
  • You’ll find how others who survived the economic collapse in Argentina made a heating source using nothing but a tuna can, some cardboard, and a little fat or grease.
  • You’ll also learn about the US Army ‘All Around Defense’ setup. This is how the US Special Forces protect their base camp from being detected by enemies, and also the deadly ‘trap’ that wipes out enemies in a blink of an eye if they ever wandered into their base.
  • You’ll discover a simple trick to quickly and accurately recognize which plants are protein and nutrient-rich, and which are deadly…based on a study of more than 500 North American plants and insects.
  • There’s a whole section on surviving the collapse as a senior. In a crisis, seniors will be the first to be targeted…because many of us can’t move well and will not win in a fight against desperate looters and mobs. You’ll discover the secret trick to instantly disarm, neutralize and even kill any hostile who may threaten you or your family. You just need to know where to hit (or “tap”).
  • The one asset economic collapse survivors that you MUST have in a crisis. You will have people begging to give you food, guns and even gold in exchange for this asset. The surprising fact about this is that you can get this asset now, even if you don’t have a penny to your name…CONTINUE READING…..