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Swing Trading Strategies

Within the Swing Trading Course, you will learn all of the following strategies and tactics that can help make you a more profitable trader.

  • Why the stock indexes are your friend and enemy at the same time.
  • Revealing insight into why there are over 3 million combined variations by which you can analyze the same stock!
  • Learn by watching the included tool video tutorials Discover what is the single most important component for choosing a stock for swing trading.
  • How best to place entry/exit orders for the best executions.
  • How to calculate a positive mathematical expectation for a trading system.
  • How to determine the optimum amount of risk per trade.
  • Discover the underlying structure of all stock markets and learn how to project support/resistance levels well into the future with uncanny accuracy.
  • Learn which software and brokers are best for swing trading.
  • How to identify the best stocks to watch for swing trading.
  • Understand the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly business activities of trading
  • Understand how to utilize multiple measurements to find the biggest movers.
  • Exclusive disclosure of my Trading System Quadrant ™ which identifies how all trading systems will perform over time.
  • How many stocks to trade at any given time to maximize your portfolio and reduce risk.