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A Beginners Guide to Fitness And Bodybuilding

The Beginners Guide to Fitness And Bodybuilding

Here’s just a small sample of the fat loss questions answered in NoBull Bodybuilding…

  • Why does your weight fluctuate so much on a day to day basis?
  • Why do some people seem to stay lean without even trying?
  • What is the best way to get rid of a beer gut?
  • What is the best way to calculate your body fat percentage?
  • What are the best abdominal exercises?
  • Is it really impossible to spot reduce? What about the new topical fat loss agents?
  • Is it ok to train your abs every day?
  • Is core training just a fad or does it really work?
  • How often should you weigh yourself and take measurements?
  • How much weight should you lose and how do you know what is your ideal weight?
  • How many calories should you eat to lose body fat?
  • How do you get totally ripped abs, like Brad Pitt in Fight Club
  • How do you get rid of stubborn fat on your abs?
  • How do you get rid of cellulite?
  • How do you get rid of butt and thigh fat?
  • Can you lose weight just from lifting (no cardio)?
  • Are sit-ups a good ab exercise or just a low back wrecker?
  • Are low carb diets really the best way to get ripped?
  • Are low carb diets dangerous?

Plus, You’ll Learn The Answers To These Questions:

  • What time of day should you do your cardio?
  • What should you eat before and after your cardio workout?
  • What is the optimum “fat burning zone” for cardio to lose weight?
  • What is the fastest way to increase your bench press?
  • What is the best way to increase endurance and stamina?
  • Should you switch the type of cardio you do every day?
  • Should you do cardio right after weights or in a separate session?
  • Should you do cardio on an empty stomach or will that make you lose muscle?
  • Is swimming a good workout?
  • Is jumping rope a good exercise for burning fat?
  • Is it okay to do cardio before you lift?
  • Is it necessary to do cardio or can you just lose fat with diet?
  • Is high-intensity interval training (HIIT) really better than regular cardio?
  • How many times a week should you do cardio to lose weight?
  • How do you do cardio without losing muscle?
  • Can you lose fat with walking or do you have to run?
  • Can you get a cardio workout from weight training?
  • The Beginners Guide to Fitness And Bodybuilding


Learn how to Build muscle in 3 Weeks

If You’re Looking to Get Stronger, Then This Information is Critical…

Let me tell you a story…

About what strength athletes and everyday lifters are calling the “gold medal” of strength techniques for men and women of any age looking to get strong, fast.

This black market strength method allows you to lift more weight within as little as 3 weeks, without hitting a plateau.

In fact, if you start using this method today, you’ll get results so quickly that people will accuse you of cheating.

…But they won’t ever ask you “Do you even lift?”

Being strong is the foundation to getting and staying lean, building muscle, and athletics. If you skip out on learning this method (which is backed by science and research), you could stay weak forever.

Use Daily Undulating Periodization (D.U.P.) to Get Stronger the Right Way

D.U.P. pretty much flies in the face of everything published in bodybuilding magazines over the last 20 to 30 years, which advise you to:

  • Hit every muscle group once per week.
  • Go to failure on every set.
  • Perform a variety of exercises to hit your muscles from every angle.
  • Make sure you rest at least 5 days between working body parts to allow for adequate recovery.
  • Program almost every exercise in the hypertrophy range of 8-12 reps per set.

This is all wrong………….CONTINUE READING……………