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The Best Advice On How To Clean Wiper Blades Correctly

How To Clean Your Wiper Blades Correctly!

After 30 years experience being a mechanic, I have replaced countless wiper blades on many different vehicles. There have been so many times I have replaced wiper blades for customers because they are concerned that the rainy season is approaching and little or no maintenance was done on their wiper blades. Their blades are not wiping the windshield correctly leaving streaks of water behind, and they are frightened they will get caught in a rainstorm and not have clear vision through the windshield. I do advise the customer that I can clean the wiper blades, but 90% of the time they decline and want new ones fitted. If they were to maintain or clean the wiper blades it would save them a ton of money.

I suggest cleaning your windshield first. (You can also read my article on how to clean your windshield.)This is to make sure that your wiper blades don’t pick up dirt from the windshield after you have cleaned them.

So Let Me Get To It.

What you need is a box of Isopropyl Alcohol Pads. They have a lot of alcohol saturated in each pad. With the wiper blade lifted away from the windshield glass, wipe the wiper blade lip from the top to the bottom several times with different alcohol pads until there is no more dirt residue showing on the alcohol pads. Leave the wiper blade to dry before sitting it back down on the windshield glass. Alcohol wipes are quick and easy because you don’t need to have a spray bottle nor cleaning cloths. What I have is a box of 300 Care Touch Alcohol Prep Pads which I keep in the glove box. I can clean my wiper blades anywhere and there are so many more uses they are definitely worth having. It is important the clean both front wiper blades and even the rear one if your car has one. For me, this is the most effective and cost efficient way that I have discovered to clean my wiper blades to make them last longer. I have found cleaning them this way has nearly doubled the life of my wiper blades, it keeps them wiping my windshield effectively all the time.

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How To Clean The Windshield Before Cleaning Or Fitting New Wiper Blades

Keeping your front and rear windshield’s clean on a regular basis is important, not only for clear vision, but it will improve the life of your wiper blades. It is recommended to clean the front and rear windshields together and at least once a week. If you are traveling on gravel roads then once a day.

It is always advisable to wash your car first, as this stops the dirt from the hood settling on the windshield soon after you have cleaned it. The best way to clean your windshield is to use household window cleaner, or you can use a car glass cleaner with a lint-free cloth.

Remember to lift the wiper blades off the windshield before you start to clean it. First thing is to wash the windshield with soapy warm water and a cloth. This gets most of the soot, grease and other dirt off the windshield. Make sure the windshield is dry before you wash it with window cleaner. Use a spray bottle to apply the window cleaner, as this allows the window cleaner to be spread evenly over the windshield and also the window cleaner is less likely to run down to the bottom of the windshield. Then with your lint-free cloth wipe the window cleaner off in circles until the entire windshield is clean and dry. Divide the windshield into two halves starting at the driver’s side then moving to the passenger side. If you have windshield sealing rubbers or plastic trim, be careful not to rub the lint-free cloth over these two items as this may leave black dirt marks on the cloth which will then be transferred onto your windshield. When you have successfully cleaned the windshield then you need to clean the wiper blades.

Remember To Clean Wiper Blades After Cleaning The Windshield

It is vitally important to clean your wiper blades after cleaning the windshield. If you don’t what will happen is as soon as you use your wipers they will spread all of there dirt back onto your the windshield. The best way to clean to clean your wiper blades is to first use soapy warm water. You need to use a cloth or sponge that is not rough. The reason for this is you only want to remove the dirt and grime from the wiper blade lip but not to tare or scratch it. The lip is the part of the wiper blade that wipes the water from the windshield. Wipe the blade along the length of it with your cloth or sponge. Repeat this process until you have no more black residue being left on the cloth or sponge. Then rinse with warm water only. Allow the wiper blade to dry which will only take a minute or two. It is a good idea to use rubbing alcohol to remove any stubborn dirt that the soapy water did not remove. Repeat this process for both wiper blades.