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How Long Do Windshield Wiper Blades Last?

Your windshield wiper blades are extremely important as they are the only thing that is between you and the clear view you need to see when it is raining, misty or if you have a dirty exterior windshield. Remember that your rear windshield is just as important as the front one!

Safety is paramount because if you cannot see correctly through your rain-soaked windshield there is a good chance that the inevitable might happen.

What Causes Your Windshield To Get Dirty?

When you are driving or if your car is just parked, there is dust and dirt in the air that gets stuck to the windshield. Examples of these are soot caused by combustion which is present in exhaust fumes from yours and other cars, bugs, bird droppings, leaves, and dust.

What Causes Your Wiper Blade Rubber To Perrish?

All of the above-mentioned elements that make your windshield dirty also affects the rubber wiping lip of the wiper blade, because the dirt that is on your windshield will be on your wiper blade as well.

The main cause of your wiper blade perishing is the heat of the sun. When a wiper blade is new the rubber wiping lip is flexible. It works similar to a paintbrush. For a paintbrush to effectively work the bristles need to flex(move) left and right to apply the paint correctly. If the bristles are hard and do not flex the paint is not applied correctly and then you get streaks and unevenness.

Therefore a wiper blades wiping lip needs to be able to flex and take the correct contour of the windshield when it wipes. When a wiper blade gets exposed to the heat of the sun, then the coolness of night time. This continuous cycle of hot and cold on the rubber of the wiper blade makes the rubber wiping lip hard. Therefore the rubber does not flex and will not clean the windshield correctly. What happens then is when you put your wiper on, they will judder, chatter, squeak and generally be noisy. Due to this, you will see streaks of water left on your windshield which will impair your vision. Also if your wiper blade rubber is broken then it is definitely time for a replacement. In both the above instances you will know it is now time for wiper blade replacement. My suggestion is that you replace both front wiper blades because they generally wear at the same rate. You will normally get streaks and chattering from both wiper blades.

Wiper blades should generally last between six to twelve months. This timeline depends on climate, driving conditions, where you park your vehicle and how much you drive your vehicle.