How To Test Electronic Components

Testing Electronic Components: How you can test electronic components like a professional?

Ask Yourself These Questions Do I Know What Is….

  • Voltage regulator IC and how to test it on board with power “On”?
  • Variable Resistor and How To Know If It Is Good Or Bad?
  • The meaning of The Part Number Printed On The Body of Diode, Zener Diode, Bridge Rectifier, Transistor, SCR, TRIAC, Relay, Optoisolator, Crystal and etc?
  • The Most Accurate Way To Test The Electronic Components Mentioned Above?
  • Safety In Troubleshooting Electronic Equipment?
  • A resistor and How To Calculate The Four And Five Color Bands Resistor?
  • Open Circuit Or High Ohm In Resistor?
  • Continuity and How To Check Current And Resistance?
  • Cold Ground And Hot Ground?
  • Capacitor coding and How to Easily Calculate The Capacitance Value?
  • Capacitor and The Right Way To Discharge It?
  • Capacitor Breakdown When Under Full Load And The Secret Way To Accurately Test It?
  • Analogue and Digital Multimeter and How To Use Them Like A Professional?
  • AC and DC voltage and How To Test It?

If You Can’t Answered Even Just a Few Of The Above Questions, I Guess You Will Have Problems In Troubleshooting And Repairing Electronic Equipment!

Here Is What You Get From The Testing Electronic Components eBook:

  • You Will Learn How to Use Analogue and Digital Multimeters to Perform Voltage, Current, Resistance and Continuity Testing.
  • How to use your Analogue And Digital Meter to Test Electronic Components
  • Easy To Follow Step By Step Instructions. So Simple, Anyone Can Follow Along. (167 pages)!
  • Cover the electronic components like Fuse, Resistor, Capacitor (non-polar and electrolytic), LED, Diode, Schottky Diode, Zener Diode, Bridge Rectifier, Coils/Inductor, Crystal, Switches, Transformer (Linear and Switch Mode), Voltage Regulator IC, Bipolar Transistor, Field Effect Transistor (FET), Darlington Transistor, Horizontal Output Transistor, Optoisolator IC, Relay, Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) and Triac.
  • Complete Full-Colour Photos (about 190 + photos) To Go Along With The Instructions. This Removes All The Guesswork!


It covers everything you need to know about getting started in measuring electronic components … as soon as TODAY! provided you have the Multimeter and Electronic Components with you!

  • What type of contact cleaner I use to service variable resistors
  • How you can easily read and calculate the resistor and capacitor coding
  • How to read zener diodes and transistors part number
  • Find out which meter I use to test capacitor that breaks down when under load
  • Discover the right way to discharge capacitors