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Text That Girl is Race DePriest’s book that gives you a blueprint on how to use text to get girls to meet up with you in person.

At the beginning of the book, Race makes a pretty compelling case for the power that text messaging has.

Statistics demonstrate how prevalent texting is in modern society, pointing out that only 43% of smartphone users make voice calls while 70% say they text.
Race does a good job throughout the book of getting you to envision things from a woman’s perspective and understanding what she is really like.
There’s a checklist that gives you warning signs that you might be texting too often, and a checklist that indicates when you’re texting the right amount.
Race gives you good guidelines to follow so that you can text naturally while making sure you don’t come on too strong.

There’s a lot of examples given of what to do, as well as some formulas so you can come up with your own texts and won’t have to just copy and paste ones in the book.

The more you can get her smiling and anticipating your text messages, the more she’ll be thinking about you and emotionally investing in you, which is helpful for getting her to meet up with you.

Here’s a quote from the book that pretty much sums up Race’s particular personality and style. If you haven’t figured it out yet, fourth-grade humor is the underlying theme for most of your text messages, including the initial interaction.

If your personality type is very different from his then sending some of these texts will likely come off as incongruent. This will leave the girl wondering why you are so different over text than you are in person.

A certain amount of consistency is necessary for a woman to feel she can trust you, so you want your texts to reflect who you are.

As a general rule, younger women are a lot more willing to engage in texting than older women. Many of whom claim it’s actually a turn-off for them.

There is some truth to that. However, you also have to keep in mind that it’s easy for someone to misconstrue a text and not realize that you were just joking.

So sometimes you need something to convey that you are just teasing and the text isn’t meant to be taken literally.

Don’t be afraid to try out some of the examples in the book, and don’t feel like you have to use as many smiley faces or text speak as what Race does.

It does a good job of making you see things from a woman’s perspective. Explaining the common mistakes that most guys make via text and why they don’t work.

If you’re just getting into text game and have no idea where to start or struggle with getting girls to respond to your messages. Then Text That Girl is the right program for you.

Text That Girl is a collection of Races experiences and wisdom of the text game gathered over many years in one simple, comprehensive guide.

It’s filled with real-life text exchanges, techniques, methods and principles that demonstrate how to get a girl’s number, build attraction with her, and make her want to meet you.

Does it really hold true? Can it really create a dramatic change like that? While the above might sound like an exaggeration. The fact remains that this is a solid product that has the potential to completely change the way you text girls.

Race introduces you to the mindset you should adopt to become good at texting.

For some men, probably the most valuable things about this program are going to be the text examples.

There are many of them! What makes them so unique is that they are real text exchanges Race has had with different women.

Will It Work for You? The one thing that could shy you away from this program is the style of texting it will teach you.

If you seem like a fun, wild guy in your text messages, she is expecting to meet that guy!

The thing is that this book will improve your text game regardless.
You Will Learn To bring a unique style into your text exchanges.
The strongest point for Text That Girl is its simplicity.

You can’t screw it up now, you have to send her the right text to prove yourself.

Texting is the new way of getting ladies to love you.

The Perfect First Text: The most spoiled thing in texting is the first text.

Just the technique from this guide can help you get that perfect first text going.

Text That Girl
Text That Girl