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The Tinder Formula

ATTENTION: Men who aren’t getting results, or simply don’t know how to get girls on Tinder

“5 Simple Conversation Hacks That Let You Get Any Girl on Tinder”

  • How to develop a conversation and never run out of things to say
  • The right way to start a conversation with your matches
  • Find out what gets her begging to meet up with you
  • How to avoid boring, friendly conversations that get you nowhere
  • How to tailor your profile to get more matches than ever before
  • How to use “Moments” to win back those girls who ignored you
  • How to ask for her number without rejection
  • Actual screenshots showing you exactly how it should be done

Get ready to learn all of this (and much more):

  • The 5 steps you must follow for the best chances of success
  • The one type of profile picture that instantly increases your match rate by as much as 60%
  • The other type of profile picture that cuts your match rate in HALF (avoid this)
  • The big mistake that ruins your first date, even if you’ve done everything else right
  • The 1 thing you must do to avoid getting put in the “friend zone”
  • The critical error most guys make when asking her out on a date
  • The thing that 95% of guys do with “Moments” that actually repels her
  • The one thing to avoid when trying to get her phone number