How To Start Your Own Vintage Clothing Business

How To Start Your Own Vintage Clothing Business

Start your own Vintage Clothing Business

Do you want to combine your love of vintage fashion with making money? Vintage Pucci dresses sell for hundreds of dollars on eBay, and there are many collectors online.

If you are interested in getting into the vintage clothing business or are a collector who needs to weed out some of your garments, this is a perfect business for you. This is an ideal job for anyone who wants to set their own hours, set their own price, and best of all, make money doing something they love!

This is primarily detailed to those who want to sell on eBay, other online auctions, and with a money making internet-based business, but the information could easily be used within a store setting selling vintage clothing.

Contents of eBook:

  • How to find customers
  • Where to find vintage clothing & accessories
  • What sells and what doesn’t ~ how to keep from losing money on what doesn’t, and make lots of money on what does!
  • To Repair or Not to Repair
  • Stains ~ what can easily be removed, and what is a lost cause (you’d be surprised!!)
  • Special section on used vintage clothing:
  • Sizing
  • Setting your price ~ how to determine what you should sell something for.
  • Return policies ~ when to accept returns
  • Repairs ~ what you can fix, and what you are better off leaving
  • List of what buyers and collectors are looking for
  • Judging quality
  • How to keep customers coming back again and again
  • Feedback ~ how important is it really?
  • Extras you can offer than the competition does not ~ some of them are so simple and will keep your customers so happy!
  • Drycleaning
  • Dos and Don’t for listing an auction
  • Customer satisfaction ~ tips and tricks
  • Before you list your vintage clothing
  • And more…
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