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Planning The Perfect Wedding

Discover The Simple Secrets To Planning The Perfect Wedding

Discover the simple secrets to planning the perfect wedding for you

“You deserve a spectacular wedding day that is memorable, meaningful and won’t leave you swimming in a sea of debt. Preparing for your big day should be fun and enjoyable…Impossible? Not if you use “The Simply Organized Bride” organizing the guide to help you plan and pull off a successful wedding.”

The Simply Organized Bride” is an exclusive organizing guide and wedding planner containing valuable information, practical tips, and advice, money saving ideas and easy to use worksheets. It leads you through all of the organizing steps required for a successful wedding from engagement to honeymoon and on to your anniversary! Stay organized, save time and money, prevent last-minute problems and reduce stress.

“The Simply Organized Bride” contains the new and improved worksheets described below, available in pdf format (except as noted) compatible with any computer so long as you have the free Adobe Acrobat reader software, freely available here. Don’t miss out–purchase your copy today and be a “simply organized bride”!

  • Informative and valuable Organization and Planning Tips
  • Bonus Honeymoon and Anniversary Ideas
  • An exclusive new Reception Organizer
  • A full wedding day Timeline
  • A detailed, easy to use Budget and Addendum
  • A detailed Photography Schedule
  • A complete, itemized Check List