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What Would you Rather Do: Settle for an Ordinary Wedding Speech or Deliver an EXCEPTIONAL Speech which will Completely Bowl Over the Guests???


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Giving a speech at a wedding is a Once in a Life Time Moment.

You surely want to give a meaningful and memorable speech on this occasion and have an amazing sense of achievement.

We are John Wilson and Belinda Hamiltonauthors of several popular wedding speech books.

With our decades of experience in writing wedding speeches, we have come up with speech packages to completely ENTHRALL your audiences. Guaranteed!

Our step by step guide will prepare you for all aspects of speech giving- the content as well as the presentation.

Before coming up with these time tested and proven speech samples and toasts we have attended several wedding seminars, have had a number of brainstorming sessions with experienced speech writers, wedding specialists, professional public speakers, people who have given wedding speeches and people who will be giving wedding speeches (to understand their needs and expectations).

We are offering you our years of experience in a nutshell. This comprehensive package will give you everything you ever need to know about giving your Wedding Speech.