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Boxing Workouts

How do you lose more body fat using boxing workouts and exercises?

It has been proven that when doing boxing workouts instead of gym work those people lost 13% of there body fat compared to the people that went to the gym only lost 5% of body fat.

Boxing Workout.

Why Is The Boxing Workout Better Than A Gym Workout?

Well it all comes down to CALORIES. The Boxing workout allows your body to burn more calories than a gym workout because a person doing a standard gym workout of about an hour only burns between 200 and 500 calories. Where as the same person doing the boxing workout over the same time period burns between 500 to 600 calories. Have you ever seen an overweight boxer?

How Does Burning Calories Equate To Loosing Weight?

In order for your body to lose fat, it needs to be in a negative state of calorie imbalance. Therefore if you can burn more calories than you take in by eating your body has to get energy from somewhere else. So what it does is then burn calories that were stored as fat in the body. When your body is able to enter into this state it then burns those calories and you LOSE WEIGHT. This is the most important element of training to lose weight.

How Does The Boxing Workout Burn Fat Fast!

It all comes down to the type of workout a person does. In the gym a person would do Aerobic exercises which are long but not intense workouts. These are moderate workouts where the intensity and effort is not high enough. Ones muscles are comfortable and are not being strained in any way. This means all exertion done during a workout is tolerable and with in ones comfort zone.

The Boxing workout is Anaerobic which is when a person does high-intensity workouts over a very short period of time with short intervals in between workouts. A person will notice a high level of discomfort and burning muscles over a longer period of time. Because of this high level of intensity training, a person burns more calories efficiently over a longer period of time than gym work. More calories are burnt even if the body is at rest after training. Anaerobic exercise builds lean muscle mass more effectively and more calories are burned in bodies that have more muscle mass.

Where Can I Do My Boxing Workouts?

There is no more having to go to the gym, buying gym clothes nor the effort to get to the gym. Boxing workouts can be done in your home. This is the program that I recommend. You are most welcome to go to a nearby boxing gym, which some people do to use their equipment and to get guidance on how to train. With this program, all relevant information is given to you. This includes Training plans, Workout Start Guide, Meal Plans, Workout Calendar, Workout Video Tutorials, Audio Training, Workout Progress Tracker and more.

You need not worry any more of what other people may think of you because of your body shape or style of gym wear because with this program you can workout at home.